You have goals. But do you have a plan to reach them?

Northern New Jersey wealth management services

Everyone envisions the future differently. For some, it’s all about family and security. For others, it’s a comfortable retirement, the freedom to travel or the financial position to support a philanthropic cause.

That’s why we kick off the planning process with a fair amount of discussion about your goals. Not rate of return, asset allocation or tax strategies, because those topics are irrelevant if we don’t know what matters most to you.

Once we understand your goals, we create a customized written plan to help you reach them. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many financial advisors don’t share our philosophy. Campania Wealth Management, Magone & Company’s wealth management partner, pairs decades of money management experience with the highest levels of tax expertise when creating wealth management plans for our clients.

From investment, retirement and estate planning to business, tax and insurance, we take the time to study the big picture first. That way, we can make informed recommendations to help you think more strategically and create a sound plan.

2022 5 Star Wealth Manager
  • Is insurance an investment or protection vehicle?
  • How do I handle stock options?
  • Would an annuity help or hurt my tax liability?
  • What’s the difference between a 401(k) and an IRA?

When it comes to investing and saving for the future, you have options — lots of them. Our job is to help you leverage them to your best advantage.

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